Saturday, February 25, 2012

What we've been eating lately...

I have been slacking majorly in the food pictures lately...I know my mother is greatly disappointed (only kidding...she doesn't really like the food pictures!).

Part of that is because we just haven't been (or at least I haven't been) cooking much lately.  This year has been crazy what with school, Jack, and other jobs.  Mostly we just eat a lot of quesadillas, salads, hummus, etc.  We don't eat a lot of meat, partly because I don't necessarily just love meat, and partly because we try to eat grass fed beef and free range chicken.  But those types of meat are expensive--ergo, little meat.

But last week we splurged/compromised and got some organic chicken and grass fed beef.  

Here's what we've created thus far...

Buffalo chicken tacos...SO good!  Corn tortillas with lettuce, avocado, buffalo chicken, and a drizzle of blue cheese.

This is Bech's creation: beef shoulder (I think?) tacos.  These were yummy!  He slowly cooked the beef with some onions and peppers.  Then he added them to cheddar cheese and avocado on a corn tortilla.  Sprinkle some lime juice on top and it was fantastic!

Jack didn't want to miss out of any of the eating action.  This boy loves food!  He can't eat tacos yet, but I know he will love them when he can.

Also, see the super cute chevron rug in the background?  We ordered that from Urban Outfitters last week, and I love it!  I will take some more pictures of it to show.

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The Passwaters said...

I like food pictures! And I love that rug...boy nursery? That's what I think!