Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

I am finally posting about our Christmas!  We have been back and forth between Jackson, Brookhaven, and Baton Rouge, and I decided to leave my laptop at home.  I have enjoyed my (sorta) break from the internet.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  I think one of my favorite things was not having to fly in for the holidays.  I felt so rushed the last two years--like I didn't want to take any time for granted.  But this year, I knew I would see all of the family again soon, so I slowed down and enjoyed my break!

My Nana and Papa have been in Florida since the early fall.  They came in a few days before Christmas and spent the holidays in Brookhaven.  

Jack LOVES Nana and Papa.  I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they just adore every little thing he does!

Jack getting Nana snuggles!

We tried a new Christmas schedule this year.  We went to the Christmas Eve service at Faith Presbyterian in Brookhaven (I LOVE this service...candlelight and communion, it doesn't get any better), ate Christmas Eve dinner with my family (ham and swiss sandwiches and tomato soup--same every year), then hopped in the car in headed to Jackson.  We put Jack to bed and were still able to spend some time with Bech's family that night.

The next morning, we did presents in Jackson, ate brunch and ebelskivers with Bech's family, then headed back to Brookhaven.  We opened more presents and ate Christmas dinner. 

It was hectic, but I thought, overall, it worked pretty well!

I have been trying to be more intentional about taking pictures of us with Jack.  Apparently Jack was not so fond of my plan.  But seriously...this outfit?  I love him in it!

Same with taking pictures of the two of us.

Jack with his stocking at Bech's parent's house.

Isn't this car great?  Bech's brother and sister-in-law are great gift givers!  

Jack and his gift from us--a train set!

The love of Jack's life.  Seriously.  He wakes up saying his name.

Jack in Thomas pj's, holding Thomas, and riding on a Thomas toy...obsessed. 

By the way, my sister got engaged!!!  This is her fiance, Dave.  He went to Southern and State, so of course he needed...an Ole Miss shirt!  Sorry, Dave, you wanted to be part of the family.

My cute husband, opening his Linda Sikora teapot from my parents.

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas.  Jack wasn't that great at opening presents, though.  But we have all of his new toys set up in his room, and he is loving it!

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Tiffany said...

Great pictures, Marley! Jack is adorable! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!