Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals

Last year, I made 12 goals.  My 12 in 12 list.  I am going to do an update soon about how they went, but I wanted to make a new list this year.

I like the idea of having goals, instead of resolutions.  If I don't accomplish them, it's okay.  But it still gives me something to work towards.

1.  Read the Bible/pray DAILY  

This was a goal last year.  It will continue to be a goal every year.  I had times where I did great at this, but I had a lot of times where I didn't!  I got a new Bible from Bech for Christmas, and I am excited in using it in quiet times.

2. Lose 15 pounds

Last year, my goal was to lose weight, and I did!  But I have a matron of honor dress to look good in, so I would love to get back down to what I weighed in college.  Plus, there are several dresses from then I would love to be able to wear again.

3. Run a 5k race 

Okay, I know lots of people run half and full marathons, but I am just aiming for a 5k.  I am not a runner, but I would love to run some.  I downloaded the Couch to 5K app for my phone, so I am planning to work through that.

4. Spend one-on-one time with Bech

Our neighbors have a boy 1 day younger than Jack, so we have been swapping babysitting with them.  It has been great.  Bech and I have had some fun dates already, and I want to keep them up  in the coming year.

5. Be more consistent with my blog

I have no desire to be a professional blogger, but I do want to keep up regularly with posts.  I love being able to look back on what we've been up to.  I would love to aim for 2 to 3 posts a week.

6.  Learn to make cheese

I got a cheese-making kit for Christmas from Bech's mom.  I have been wanting to learn to make cheese for several years, but I didn't really need to in Vermont (there was such good local cheese!).  Well, Baton Rouge is a different story.  I am starting out with some soft cheeses--mozzarella, ricotta, goat--then moving to hard cheeses.  I will definitely chronicle the adventure on here!

7.  Meal plan

I want to have set menu plans every week.  I hate not eating until Jack is in bed.  That's too late, plus Jack doesn't get to eat with us!  I want to consistently eat at a normal time and have a planned menu.

8.  Pass my comps!

I have to retake the poetry part of my translation exams, and then I will be able to take the history and philology parts.  I want to get those done!  I am ready to be finished!  So part of this goal will be to study for 7 hours each week.

9.  Learn about my camera

This was a goal last year that was NOT completed!  Bech and I bought a Nikon D3100 before Jack was born.  I use it a lot, but only in automatic.  I really do want to understand aperture, shutter speed, and all of the rest.  I would love to use this camera to the fullest.

I think that's it.  I have a busy year ahead!  


The Robbins & Co said...

marley you can totally do these!! i did the couch to 5k last spring and it really worked. i will probably do it again this spring (since i only run outside and st. louis is WAY too cold for running in the winter months!).

also, with meal planning, i've found that if i just double 2-3 of the meals per week, in a few weeks, you'll have quite a few freezer meals to choose from! continue that pattern and you'll only really be cooking 2-3 times a week!! it especially works with small families (i just make the extra meal in a square glass dish and it's usually enough. sometimes i just prep lots of veggies and freeze them in small containers to put in enchiladas or lasagna later in the month. that also helps a ton.)

that's my 2 cents :)

Sarah Denley said...

I just started reading your blog and I love all your goals, but I'm especially excited about #5 :)