Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life Update...

2 weeks into 2013, and I've already slowed down on my blogging! Oh well, I will just have to pick back up.

We had a busy week last week.  It was my first full week at school since Christmas, and there was lots going on!  Plus, we met my mom halfway on Friday night and headed to New Orleans for a Mardi Gras ball (which deserves and will get a post of its own!).

Jack spent the weekend with Doc and Bella and had a BLAST!

I mean, seriously, who else lets you have a sucker in the bathtub?

Also, those curls...melt my heart.

I know I have referenced it before, but there is a TCBY literally right around the corner from us.  And on Wednesdays, they have 99¢ waffle cones.  Do I even need to add that we go EVERY week?  It's such a good hump-day treat!

Usually, Jack just eats off of ours, but this past week we gave him his own.  He went crazy!

Here's my little man.  He is all boy.  He has an orange baseball cap that some family friends gave him, and he LOVES it.  And he always puts it on backwards to crack it up.  He's playing with his Thomas train set...he is obsessed with that thing. 

It is cold in Louisiana right now!  I am so amazed at how quickly I have lost any Vermont cold tolerance.  We have a fireplace in our apartment, so Bech has built us a couple of fires.  I love it!

And since we have so many pictures of Jack, here's a recent picture of Bech (and his cute hipster glasses) and me.  This is from New Year's Eve.  We went to our friends, Bess and Julian, and had so much fun--we even, amazingly enough, managed to make it to midnight!

I will post Mardi Gras ball pictures soon--It was so fun!


Katie said...

that first picture is so cute! he is adorable!

Sarah said...

Hi Marley! Hopped over from Polluck Potluck and am your newest follower! Jack is simply a doll and I think suckers in the tub sound like a great idea. No mess! Anyway, can't wait to see the Mardi Gras ball pics and hope you'll stop by to follow back!