Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

It's time for a little 5 on Friday!  Check out others here.

O   N   E

My mom has been in town for the past 5 days.  She left this morning :(

We had a wonderful time exploring my new town.  Jack had lots of fun cuddling his Bella all week.  We played at the park, shopped, ate some yummy food, and laughed a lot.

While I am ready to get a job, I was thankful to have this week to spend with my mom!

(a pic of my sweet boy playing at the park with Bella)

T   W   O

Speaking of jobs, I had an interview today!  I felt like it went well, but I have no idea who I'm up against.

But at least I looked cute.  My mom and I went shopping and I got this blue and black blazer from the Loft.  I'm not much of a blazer or suit girl, but I enjoyed looking professional.

T   H   R   E   E

While my mom was here, I may or may not have gotten her obsessed with Sheetz.


Seriously, if you have never been to a Sheetz, you are missing out.  It's a gas station that has made to order food, made to order coffee drinks, fountain drinks (my love language), and a fix your own coffee bar.

I realize that my description makes Sheetz sound boring, perhaps even gross.  That's how I felt at first too.

Just wait.

F   O   U   R

Y'all know I love fall.  And I love me some butternut squash.

So when I found this salad, I knew I had to make it soon.

It's spinach with pumpkin seeds, cherries (but I used cranberries), roasted butternut squash, and gorgonzola cheese.  It did not disappoint...amazing!  Plus, it was low fat!

F   I   V   E

I am so excited about fall tv shows starting back up!  We don't have cable, but I'll be watching my shows online.

On the lineup:  

Parks and Rec (my favorite!)

Grey's Anatomy (I know, I know, but I can't stop!)


Any amazing shows that I'm missing out on?