Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jack's 2 Year Book

I'm not a scrapbooker.  I actually went through a junior high phase where I tried to be a scrapbooker, but it just wasn't working.

But now that I have Jack, I do want some sort of way to remember and share his life.  My blog is definitely a scrapbook of sorts, but I have found that online picture books work great for me!

Up until Jack was a year old, I did monthly updates for him.  Last fall I took all of those updates and put them in a photo book.  I used Shutterfly and I LOVED the final result.

This year I didn't do monthly updates, but I still wanted to make a book.  I actually liked this book more, because I was able to add a lot more pictures.  Again, I am so happy with the final result.

Until Wednesday, Shutterfly is doing a photo book promotion.  Just enter SUMMERBOOK at checkout, and you can get an 8x8 book free (or the equivalent amount off of another size book).  I ordered an 8x11 hardcover.

Check out the final result:

           How cute is it?

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