Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PA Update

Sorry for the lapse in posting!  Between applying for jobs (yup, still no job!) and studying for and retaking my translation comp, we have been crazy around here.  Plus Bech started school last week and the pressure is ON!

So here's what we've been up, plus lots of pictures (albeit iphone pics) of life lately.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that the local park has historical trains.  Here is a shot of one of them.  Jack LOVES these trains.  He calls them "Pencer" (Spencer) and Percy, and we talk about them all of the time.  We actually try to go to the park once a day (although we didn't this weekend).  It is a great little treat for him.

When we moved, we took with us this board that my dad made for my little brother when he was little. Jack loves being able to play with all of his trains in his room.

The first week we were here it was a little chilly in the mornings.  Lately it has been HOT.  Not hot compared to Southern terms, but hot for a state where most people (ourselves included!) don't have air-conditioning.  But it looks like the temps are going to get into the 70's this week.  Yay!  Fall is on the way!!!

Anytime Jack is near tracks this is ALL he wants to do.  Just walk up and down them all day.  A little strange, but an easy enough request to grant.

The local park has a small sand pit that Jack likes to play in.

Don't let those puppy dog eyes fool you...this boy is a HOT MESS!

I explained this picture on instagram.  A week before we moved, I went by The Dollar Tree.  While I was there, I found Bech's favorite hand lotion.  I grabbed him some and, when I got home, I told him I had a "treat" for him.  Jack asked where his treat was.  I did some quick thinking and gave him a sponge I had also purchased at the Dollar Tree.  He was delighted!  I packed it up the next day, but he found it last week in our new house.  He yelled, "My treat! My treat!"  I'm thinking dish rags might be a good stocking stuffer this year...

See what I mean!  More track pictures, but a different day!

There is a river (creek?) that runs through our little town.  It is beautiful!  There are trout (and good fishing).  People kayak and canoe down it.  I absolutely love it.  

Since I'm at home all day with Jack, I'm trying to be somewhat productive.  Last week I menu planned and ending up trying some really good new recipes that we both loved.

These are cheesy jalapeno stuffed baked chicken.  I prepped them ahead of time, and they didn't take long at all.  They are low cal and really yummy.

I feel like someone sent me this recipe a couple of months ago, but I can't for the life of me remember who.  But I pinned it and ended up making it last week.  It's a chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust.  Definitely not low cal, but really filling, so you don't need a huge serving.  I made the recipe, and Bech and I had leftovers for lunch the next day or two.  If you end up making this, shred the chicken instead of cutting it up. 

I also made a low cal chicken salad that I am currently obsessed with (so obsessed that I made it this week too!).

Our local park has TONS of ducks that are really friendly and love to be fed.  Jack loves getting to visit and feed the ducks and the fish.

My boy, who never really cared for stuffed animals, is now obsessed!  He likes to have several with him at a time.  His current favorite is the bunny from Goodnight, Moon.  My professor gave this to him before he was born and I've always loved it.  But like I said, he didn't care for stuffed animals, and that made me sad.  But when I unpacked it in PA, it was suddenly his new best friend!

My friend Amy came into town for a visit (our first visitor!).  She was our good friend in Vermont, and she is back in her hometown of Pittsburgh (less than 3 hours away).  We had fun visiting, eating, and laughing.  We drove into State College Sunday afternoon and stopped in to visit Bech at his studio.  Jack thought all of the clay was his new toy!

We are doing well here.  People in our church and community have been so welcoming to us.  We have been to parties, cookouts, play dates, library dates, etc.  We are loving the people here, and I think we are really going to enjoy our time in the State College area.  


Katy Robertson said...

Thats the chicken pot pie you told me about? YUM. We must try.

Try the bubble up chicken enchillado casserole -- its good and fairly healthy. Jack might even like it!

Sarah Denley said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely little town. And you know my thought on your lovely little boy. So glad y'all are settling in and prayers for a job opportunity!

Anonymous said...

I gave Travis a wooden train set for his birthday. BIG hit with him and Maddie. So if we ever get them together with Jack, we know what kind of toys to bring!