Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's Fall, Y'all!

Okay, so not quite.  

But SO soon!

Fall has always been my favorite season.  I love so many aspects of the other seasons, but I just adore Fall.  I love the smells, the tastes, the sights.  

And Fall up north?  Magical!

In fact, just check out my label "Fall."  You have to scroll through some of last Fall, but you will get to LOTS of Vermont pictures.  It was absolutely gorgeous up there. 

And here in PA, we are nestled in some beautiful mountains.  I just now that the leaves are going to be amazing when they start to turn.

So here is what I'm planning/looking forward for this fall:

1)  Fresh Apple Cider

I'm not trying to be anti South, but unless you've had fresh apple cider (which they don't sell in the South), you haven't had real cider.  It is so good!  Bech likes to add spices and heat it up. 

2)  Lots and lots of Hot Cocoa

Is there any explanation needed on this one?

3)  Leaf Peeping

This year we're going Leaf Peeping on a train!  The Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society has several train trips that you take to look at the leaves.  We already have our tickets bought.  Jack is going to LOVE this.  Plus, it'll be fun to see the leaves but not be the ones driving.

4) Go to a Pumpkin Patch 

I think Way Fruit Farm seems like our best choice.  They have a fall festival with pumpkins, fresh apple cider, and a petting zoo.

5) Pick Apples

In two weeks we are going to Lancaster, PA.  Bech is in a show, so we are going for the opening reception.  My sister and brother-in-law are meeting us there, and we are going to pick apples!   This is one of my favorite fall activities.  I found a super cute little orchard, Cherry Hill Orchards, for us to go pick apples there!

6) Fall Foods

I LOVE cooking fall foods.  I love to make tons of soups (especially sweet potato, butternut squash, and pumpkin soups).  I love to make anything with pumpkins in them.   I already have started a Fall Food pinterest board to get ready.

7)  Buy some fall scented candles and hand soaps.  

I normally stick with Bath and Body works candles.  Seriously, they are amazing.  But they are a little pricey, even if you do get them on sale.  This year, I found Glade's fall scents at Wal-Mart.  A lot cheaper, and they smell really good.

But, Bath and Body Work's still beats them out, so I am going to get a couple of those too!

8) Wear boots and sweaters

I just bought a pair of cords and a new sweater in preparation for the fall weather.  I know I am going to be freezing this winter, but the best part of a fall up north is actually getting to wear fall clothes!

9) Spend lots of time with my little family!

Fall with Jack the past two years has been fun, but he really hasn't gotten into it (I know, duh!).  But we have tons of books about Fall from the library and he loves reading them.  I have been talking up our train ride (actually I don't even need to talk up a train'll be heaven for Jack) and talking about going to pick apples and pumpkins.  I think Jack is going to LOVE fall this year.

(my little fall baby last year!)

Plus, he's started saying "I love Christmas" completely unprompted...that's my boy!

I hope y'all all have a wonderful fall, too!  What is on your bucket list for fall?


Liz T. said...

there is NOTHING that even comes close to comparing to the northern fall! :) Biggest thing I miss! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

1. Throw some spiced rum in with that warm cider - yum.
2. I love cocoa.
3. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees around here. Crazy. I'm assuming it's a lack of water causing it because it sure isn't cooling off. Paxton loves them though. Which is terrible for him because he has major allergies!
4. We went apple picking last year. I think I forgot to post the pictures. So much fun!
5. I wish it was boots and sweaters season here. It's still hot as Hell and we have pictures on Sunday. It's supposed to be 95°F that day. Horrible temps for pictures.
6. I will miss fall. We both know that its presence is questionable this far south. :'(