Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Since I'm trying to get back in the swing of blogging (after this crazy summer), I thought I would join a little Friday link-up.  I love this...I just post about 5 things that are on my mind!


 So this whole staying at home thing is hard!  I am ready to get a job and be out of the house.  I had to get out today, though (I was going stir crazy), so Jack and I headed to the local mall for our first time.

It's okay.  It has Macy's, Gap, Gymboree, etc.  Not amazing, but it works.  But we went to check out the soap sale at Bath and Body Works.  I needed some fall smells in my life!

I think this may be my new favorite, Honeycrisp Apple.  It smells like an apple orchard...amazing!


While we were there, I got to test out my new stroller!

Remember how mine got stolen a couple of weeks ago?

My mom was actually going to give us a City Mini for Jack's birthday present.  But a friend told her about the Britax B Agile.  My mom had an Amazon Mom coupon, and the stroller would be a LOT cheaper than a City Mini.  After reading reviews (which all said the B Agile was almost identical to the City Mini), I decided to go for it.

I LOVE it.  It folds up so easily (and it fits easily in my trunk, which is hard to do in a hybrid trunk!).  It is really light and easy to push.  And Jack loves it to, which is great.  He is normally not a fan of strollers.

So if anyone is looking into strollers, definitely check out the B Agile.  It even has a snap system for the Britax infant car seats.  I am a huge Britax car seat fan!


I have been cooking up a storm lately (it's this whole no job thing...).  I made these enchiladas the other night.  

Seriously, they were incredible.  I swapped out acorn squash for the butternut squash, monterrey jack cheese instead of Muenster (because, really, who likes Muenster cheese?), and left the bell pepper out of the enchilada sauce.

But then I made this recipe, and it was awful.  So I'd say it was a pretty even week.


While at the mall, I checked out Gap.  I am pretty boring when it comes to dressing.  I like solids and stripes (okay, fine, I am obsessed with stripes).  I like to shop at Gap, J. Crew, and the Loft.  Sometimes I buy something super on sale at Anthro, but basically that's it. 

(I just looked at my current outfit: J. Crew shirt, Gap shorts, and Toms.)

I fell in love with this blazer.

A little preppier than I normally am, but I love it.   Now, I just have to watch for them to go on sale...


This weekend Bech's little brother is coming to visit.  He is a student at the CIA (Culinary Institute of, he's not a spy), which is in Hyde Park, New York (only a train ride away!).  Last weekend my friend came, and this weekend Hunter!  How fun is it to have so many people we know this close to us?

I am loving the guests, because it makes us get out and sightsee and try new things in our little area.  

Plus, I plan on putting Hunter to work for us in the kitchen.  I'll buy the food if he'll cook us something really yummy!

This was fun.  Click on the link above to check out more "5 on Friday" posts or add your own!

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