Thursday, September 19, 2013

Amish Country

This past Saturday, we hit the road bright and early to meet up with my sister and new brother-in-law in Lancaster, PA, the heart of Amish country.

We had a fun day, full of apple picking, Amish stalking, lunch eating, and lots of laughs.  It is so good to have family this close!

We had heard about this little town, Intercoursre, PA.  We were only a mile away and we had to get a picture.  I mean, seriously?

We did some apple picking at an orchard.  We got tons of apples and I was hoping to make an apple crumble this week.  But I looked in the box last night, and we've already eaten half of them.  They are just so yummy fresh!

Jack wasn't so interested in picking apples.  Instead, this wild man wanted to pick up dirt and throw it.  

Also, he totally looks like a little hipster baby in this picture.  Not intentional...

The main reason we went is because Bech had a piece of pottery in a juried show, Strictly Functional.  So we stopped by the gallery hosting the show and saw his piece (It's the bowl right in front).  

It was pretty amazing to see a piece of Bech's work mixed in with all this other pottery!

Also, he was totally embarrassed that I made him take this picture in front of the gallery owner.  Too bad...

There is a Sonic in Harrisburg, which is on the way home.  Um, yes please!

Y'all, seriously, it was so amazing to have a Sonic drink.  I am going to have to find more and more reasons to go to Harrisburg!

My sweet sister made us an anniversary cake, but we didn't eat it until the next day.  

Jack is kind of into the cake.  Can you tell?  I think he forgot yesterday that we still have some...otherwise he would still be asking for it!

We had a great little day trip and I definitely want to go back to Amish country again soon!

And this weekend, Jack and I are going to head to DC to spend the weekend with Katy and Dave.  This way Bech can have a guilt free weekend of lots of studio time.  And Jack and I can see some sights and eat yummy food!  

And then on my way home, I'll swing by the Philadelphia airport and pick up my mom!!!

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Courtney said...

Jared went to college in Lancaster. He also used to have a magnet that said "Everyone loves Intercourse." It was in the shape of Pennsylvania.

Happy anniversary! :) Hard to believe it's been six years (time to update your sidebar).