Monday, October 20, 2014

Jackie Boy

I feel like my sweet firstborn has kind of gotten the shaft lately.  So, Jackie Boy, this post is all about you!

This is Jack on his first day of preschool.  Needless to say, Jack was the only smocked child there.  But doesn't he look cute?

He is loving preschool and doing really well!  Sometimes he doesn't want to go in the morning, but I always have to drag him out when it's time to leave.  He eats really well there (I think peer pressure helps his picky eating!), plays well, but rarely naps.  I think he's napped 4 times.  

And I can already tell that he is learning some too.  He's never been too interested in letters, but he has started saying more of them.  And he likes to count now too!

This is how Jack chose to walk in the first day of school.  And I totally let're only 3 once, right?  Why not wear your Thomas blanket on your head?

Jack is doing Soccer Shots at school, a special program where you leave the classroom for an hour every Friday and learn soccer skills.  We went to watch him a few weeks ago--so cute!  He was really serious about all of the directions the coaches were giving.  

Jack continues to be our little wild man at home.  He is struggling right now with obeying us right when we say it, but we are working on that.  

He loves to play outside.  Graduate housing has a playground, and he loves playing there in the afternoons.  He is also very into puzzles and legos.  Oh yeah, and the Lego movie!  He seems to be almost over his trains, which is sad to me.  He will still play with them some, but he prefers his legos.

He loves reading books with us (maybe I'll have a bookworm?).  His favorites right now are Corduroy and Pat the Bunny (I pulled it out for the baby and Jack has reclaimed it!).  He also really loves books where you find things (like Where's Waldo).

Jack has been an AMAZING big brother.  I am continually amazed at how sweet he is to his brother.  He wakes up in the morning, runs into our room, and immediately asks, "How Gil going?"  He loves to give Gil hugs and kisses and he loves to hold him.  I am so thankful!

Jack, you are our little wild man, and I couldn't love you more!  You make me laugh constantly.  Thanks for your sweet hugs and cuddles.  You are my favorite.  I love you to the moon and back!

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The Robbins & Co said...

i cannot believe how big he is!! and i LOVE his hair-beautiful!

we are still working on our kids obeying the first time, too, but it's a battle worth fighting :) keep at it good mama!