Monday, October 27, 2014

Fun Fall Weekends

I started getting regular in my blogging and then disappeared again! 
Right about when my family left, Bech started getting sick.  He seemed to get better, then I got sick for about a week.  Then I got better and he got sick again...this time with pneumonia!  Now it's been a week, and he is finally on the mend (he ran a fever for a week straight!).

Last weekend, as I was getting better and Bech was getting sick, we headed to Wasson Farm for their fall festival.  Last year, we got our pumpkins from Way Fruit Farm (which was really fun), but I wanted to try out another local farm.

Wasson Farms is beautiful!  The hayride was really long (much better than Way's).  Bech got a whoopie pie (Pennsyltuckyians LOVE them for some reason) to split with Jack, and I sampled some local wine.  We skipped the petting zoo (and Jack has no's better that way!).

Look at all of the pumpkins!!!

My two sweet boys.
Jack takes pumpkin choosing very seriously.

Also, he needs a haircut.
After Wasson, we headed to a friends for a chili lunch.  This is Jack's best frienemy, P dawg.  The boys love to play together, and by play together, I mean fight.
I love this little wild man so much!

This past weekend, my sister and brother-in-law drove up from DC to help me out.  Katy kept offering to clean or cook, but I can do that.  What I needed was some help getting both boys out of the house this weekend so that Bech could have some peace and quiet to rest.

Fun story--Katy showed up in this oversized, monogram top with gray leggings.  I looked down...I was wearing the exact same outfit!  Great minds...!  Don't worry--I changed!

We headed to Harner Farm to check out their corn maze.  I have a weird obsession with corn mazes.  Plus, we hit up Wasson Farms last weekend

It's actually a "scary" corn maze, so I wasn't sure at first how Jack would do.  But I think the scary aspects were totally over his head.  He thought everything was just silly.  Like this "blood bath" in the picture.  We called it a dirty bath, and he laughed.  I don't think we will be able to get away with this maze next year! 

Jack LOVED having KK and Big Dave here this weekend.  He thinks they are the coolest, and he literally stood at the window and bawled when they left on Sunday.  Here he is with his two best friends.

My little cowboy!

Saturday night we watched the Ole Miss game.  Here are Jack and KK teaching you how to put your "fins up" for the landsharks!

I am normally not the hugest football fan (at least compared to Southerners).  I usually just check the scores online; I rarely actually watch the games.  But this year has been different, because we've actually been good.  It was really hard to lose Saturday night.  But LSU is our biggest rival, and I knew that anything could happen at that game!  I just hope our team doesn't get defeated.  Now onto beating Auburn and State!  Hotty Toddy!

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