Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Visitors to Happy Valley

I mentioned this in a previous post, but we just had a whole slew of visitors!  After Bech's mom and my mom came (well, my mom was still here), my brother, dad, and grandparents arrived.  My grandmother refuses to fly (also, she doesn't know how to swim...that's a whole other story!), so they all drove up here.  After spending two days on the road to get here, I think they had a lot more sympathy with me for doing that drive 1 1/2 times by myself with Jack!

So here's what we did with our visitors...

Gil got to meet his great grandfather...

and great grandmother!

I think it is such a blessing that Gil has 4 great grandparents still living!  And when we come home for Christmas, he will get to meet the remaining two, Bech's paternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother.  

Also, that's some dang good DNA Bech and I have!  I think we will live to be very old...!

Bella shared, but she still needed some Gil snuggles.

Gil's face in this picture is hilarious.

I took Nana and Papa (and my dad, not pictured) to the Berkey Creamery for some famous Penn State ice cream.

We spent a morning out at Bellefonte, driving around and looking at Victorian houses as well as taking lots of pictures in Talleyrand Park.

Aren't my parents cute?

Also, Blaise, I am so sorry that I have no pictures of you.  I don't know why.  I think mom has some on her phone.

Gil approves of Talleyrand Park!

We took my grandparents to the Arboretum.  In hindsight, I should have allotted more time (oh, like ALL day) for this activity.  My grandparents love plants and flowers and trees, so they wanted to see everything here.  And the PSU Arboretum is really nice and big, so there was lots to see!

My mom has a "favorite street" in State College, full of lots of beautiful old houses.  One house on the street had this gorgeous tree.  The last afternoon they were here, my grandparents, Jack, and I all went to have a little impromptu photo session.  We stayed on the other side of the sidewalk...that makes it okay, right?

We also spent a day glued to Game Day (in Oxford) as well as the State and Ole Miss games.  We spent another day in Lancaster County, stalking the Amish (and stopping for some Sonic!), but, due to dropping my phone in a sink and forgetting my big camera, I don't have pictures from that day.

Here's Bella with Gil on the morning they left.  

Sidenote, how cute is the wreath my sister made for Gil?!?

All in all, Bech, Jack, Gil, and I had wonderful 3 1/2 weeks of visitors!

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