Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favorite Books...

I thought I'd share my top 6 favorite books. I know, 6 is a weird number. But I absolutely love to read, and have a ridiculous amount of books that I love. So narrowing this list down to 6 is an accomplishment.

Troubling a Star by Madeleine L'Engle

I'll start the list off with a children's/young adult novel. Really I should have just said anything by Madeleine L'Engle. She was an incredible writer. This book might be my favorite of her's though. Antarctica, Shakespeare, penguins, Vicky Austin...what's not to love?

Davita's Harp by Chaim Potok

Again, I could have just said anything by Chaim Potok. But if I have to chose a favorite of all his books, it's this one. He was a Jewish author, and he writes so beautifully. Other good ones are The Chosen and My Name is Asher Lev. This one, though, is the only one written from a girls perspective. I highly suggest this book--incredible!

Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton

Wow, I love this book. I read it for the first time my freshman year. If you've never read any non-fiction by Chesterton, his style is somewhat similar to Lewis' (think Mere Christianity). Even if you don't ever read this whole book, you should at least read the chapter entitled "The Ethics of Elfland."

A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken

This is the most beautiful love story I have ever read. And it's true! This is about a Sheldon and Davy, who fall in love, and later become Christians. They have an incredible and beautiful story. It is actually written after Davy has died (which Sheldon tells you on the 2nd page, so I didn't ruin anything, although you will still probably sob and be heartbroken when she does die!). Read this story. Seriously. It's incredible.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

Seeing as I'm naming my first child after this author, I think it would be a little silly for me to go and on about these books. Obviously I love them. Obviously they're incredible. Obviously you should read them all.

Although, I do have one thing to add. See the picture. This is the old school version. You should look for this set on ebay. If you can't find it, read the newer ones, but read them in the order listed above. That is the right order. I promise.

The Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery

True story--I made my mother call me Anne for about a year of my life. Also, a couple of weeks ago someone told me I reminded them of Anne. It may have been the highest compliment I have ever been paid. I have read these books over and over. I actually would really like to name a child Rilla (Anne's youngest child) but Bech says people will call her Go-Rilla. I love these books. If you are a boy, you probably won't like them/get them. But if you are a girl, they are delicious!

Well there you go! I think Courtney may be the only person who finds this list fun to look over. So I am not offended if you are totally bored. But really, you should all read all of these books...sooo good!


Courtney said...

I got a shout out! Yay! And I <3 Anne. It's going to feel like spring time soon, which means that it's about time to reread the series. :)

Holly said...

I can't wait until Ellie gets old enough for us to read the Anne of Green Gables books together (and all the Little House on the Prairie books.). They are so good! I wanted to name Ellie "Ella" but Tim was afraid she'd get called "Ella-phant". Funny what the daddies worry about!

mylittlejoys said...

You're such a cute pregnant mama!!!!