Monday, March 28, 2011

29 weeks!

How far along: 29 weeks and 1 day

Baby Size: 15 inches, 2.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: yup

Sleep: Other than having to go to the bathroom ALL the dang time, it's pretty good.

Best moment this week: We picked out the nursery fabric. We actually decided not to go with that blue chevron print because, as Bech said, "it didn't play well with others." Basically, we couldn't find any coordinating fabrics that we like! So my sweet mom went to Premier Fabrics in Jackson and sent us lots of fun choices. We picked out one set that we just loved, figured out what we wanted where, and now my mom is getting someone in Brookhaven to make it!

Food cravings: Anything cold.

What I miss: Shaved ice, margaritas (although I did have a virgin one a couple of weeks ago)

What I'm looking forward to: Our stroller still isn't in, but it should be in by today. So hopefully I can spend tonight putting it together and playing with it! And making sure the car seat fits in it...the reviews said it would!

Milestones: Not sure...I did realize that in less than 8 weeks, Jack will be full term! But I don't know if that counts as a milestone.

Pregnancy symptoms: Heartburn. All.The.Time. It's like I'm an old lady or something. I don't go anywhere without my Tums. Also, I am clumsier than usual, which is really saying something.


Justin W said...

only 11 more weeks until mid June =)
hang in there until the ides of June

cheers from crazyJ

Megan said...

Marley, your picture is so cute! It's fun to read about your preparations for Jack's arrival. :) Miss you!