Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pictures and thoughts...

First of all, here are week 28 pics. Can I just say, I look HUGE in the pictures (at least to me). But I have had a few family members ask me to put pics on here, so I am complying. Plus, I know I will want to be able to look back on this.

One very important part of the above pictures is that I am not wearing snow boots! A lot of the snow has melted here and we have had some warm (and by warm I mean in the low 40's) days here. It actually did snow Monday (the first day of spring) and Tuesday, but it was in the 30's, so the snow melted pretty quickly. Next week is supposed to have a few more days in the 40's, so maybe the rest of the snow will melt, and mud season/Vermont spring will be here!

Here are some homemade spring rolls with hoisin/garlic/peanut butter sauce...sooo good! Plus, I am not great about eating veggies, so this is a good way for me to eat them! Spring rolls are super easy to make, and I love the texture of the crisp veggies in the wrapper.

Here is a happy Aunt Katy got made for cute is it? We now have a few things with his name on them, and they are all so fun! I might have to get some more onesies with Jack's name made...I love them!

Less than 6 weeks left of school!!! While that is exiting, it is also stressful. I still have a large final project due in my Greek class, on top of regular work and tests for my other classes. But I am excited for summer to be here (and for Jack to be here!).

Jack will be here in less than 3 months, so we have kinda been kicking it in gear. My grandparents gave us money to use on Jack, so I bought his car seat and stroller this past weekend. The car seat is here (in fact, we already put it in the car! We probably won't leave it in there until June, but I just wanted to see it in there!) and hopefully the stroller will be here soon. I also ordered the rocker. Currently, Jack's nursery is set up as a photo studio so Bech can take pictures of his pottery. But hopefully that will be remedied by this weekend, and I can start setting everything up. We still need to get on the bedding, and also I need to find a dresser! But I finally feel like we are actually getting things done!

I'll end with something funny (although if you're my facebook friend, you've already seen this!):

Bech: I dreamed about Jack last night.
Me: What'd he look like?
Bech: Kinda like a cabbage patch doll...Wait, I think he was a cabbage patch doll!


The Yartym's said...

you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

The Passwaters said...

You're adorable! :-D

Kayla Calcote said...

Ahh!! You have the CUTEST baby pooch(sp?) ever!!! Stop being so hard on yourself little momma!

Alison said...

You look great!! My sister-in-law is about 2 1/2 weeks behind you so I love seeing the updates!