Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few thoughts...

1) I will be in DC by this time tomorrow!!! I can NOT wait!

2) Bech and I already have lot's of nicknames for Jack. I call him Jack-Attack. Bech likes to call him Jackie Wackie (no idea?). We both call him Jackie and Jack Jack. Last night, we met a couple who has a 2 year old named Jack. They call him "Jackers." How cute is that? I might have to steal it!

3) Monday night, I got to hear the traveling team speak. Y'all should definitely check out their website...what a cool ministry! Basically, they send groups around to speak on various campuses (and churches and youth groups, but they mostly focus on college age kids) about missions--why it's important to Christians (and how often God speaks about it and calls us to it in the Bible!) and what we can do. I liked their 5 application points:

Welcome Internationals
Get Educated

I think we focus alot on give and go, and sometimes on pray. But I didn't ever think about how welcoming internationals was part of missions, too! Also, I think get educated is a great one.


Mrs. Magnolia said...

Have fun in DC. I like Jack Attack. how cute.

Sheryl said...

I heard about Katy's funny dream and her new nick name for Jack! I thought you were the one supposed to be having the crazy dreams! Have fun in DC!!

Holly said...

Love love loving Jackers! The girls and I walked by your parents house yesterday and I could totally picture little Jackers playing in their front yard. He's going to be the cutest little guy ever!