Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts...

1. Two years ago today, I put up an April Fools Day post saying that Bech and I were pregnant. I know, it was very mean of me. But I promise to not do anything like that again.

2. Bech is out of town for NCECA (a ceramics conference). And I have had a theory verified for me...I am not the messy one. He is. There is now no question in my mind...the house is very clean (I cleaned it after he left) and has remained that way. While I do miss him a lot, I do not miss the random piles of clothes left on the floor. He is like a girl...he goes through 3 outfits a day (1 for work, 1 for the ceramics studio, and 1 for when he gets home), and he somehow manages to leave these outfits all over the house

3. Speaking of ceramics, Bech has been really busy lately. Since last fall, he has been a part of a pottery co-op at UVM. In fact, this semester, he is the assistant teacher for two classes. He didn't have much work turn out last fall (problems with the kiln), but he has some good stuff so far this semester.

I am actually not sure I am supposed to put these pictures on here, but I'm going to anyway. It's just a preview though. He is going to open an etsy shop soon and try to sell some of his work.

But you can't but the above cup because it is mine. Actually, a lot of family members make comments about wanting pottery by Bech. Let me just say that this is the very first piece of pottery I have ever owned by Bech. He gave it to me Wednesday before he left. Once, for a few short days, I owned the most beautiful white celladon bowls by him. But then he gave them away to a family member and refused to ask for them back (even though he had promised them to me). I actually still have not forgiven him for that---Don't you all think he should have told the family member that they were mine?

There's your little preview!

4. On Wednesday, I totally busted it on the way to class. Like face first fall. I landed on my right side, including the right side of my belly. I was mostly just embarrassed at first, but all during class I kept thinking about my last doctors appointment. She emphatically told me that if I ever fell on my stomach, I needed to call her. As a side note, do you think she could already tell that I am clumsy? Why so emphatically? Do I just scream out, "Klutz!"?

So I called after class and left a voice mail for the nurse. By the time I got home, the nurse called back and said I had to come in, go to Labor and Delivery, and be monitored. I was not very happy. First of all, because I really thought everything was okay. Second of all, because Wednesday's are my relaxing day. I only have one class, then I come home, work on homework, and (most importantly) take a nap. And when I can get a nap, I need those naps.

But I went in, and it was not bad at all. The labor and delivery people are very nice and were very sweet to me. They just hooked my belly to a monitor, and I lay in bed for an hour, pressing a button whenever I felt Jack move. My nurse did ask me if I was being mistreated at home (I think it's a routine question). I asked if not being allowed to eat junk food counted. She just I guess you are safe for now, Bech.

5. We are supposed to have a Nor'easter today. I have learned that that is the politically correct term used by Yankees to mean blizzard. I would rather it be called a feels like less of a lie. But there you go. Basically, what it means is that it is supposed to snow a lot today, and it is April. Really, God, don't you think it's time for spring up here?

Although, I have already heard people say that it probably won't be that bad...we'll just have to wait and see!

6. My stroller is here, finally! Yay, yay, yay! I am so excited! I put it together Wednesday night and played with it. I will put pictures up when Bech gets back (I sent him off with the camera). Let me just say I love it.

7. Which is more than I can say about the rocker. I hate the rocker. I got it in last Thursday, put it together, and immediately despised it. It is too short and too flimsy looking. So we sent it back Monday. Unfortunately, we have to pay $25 to ship it back. Ugh. I have learned my lesson. Actually, I don't know what my lesson is, but I do know that I hate that rocker.

8. I need to finish reading a paper for my Greek class this morning, so I better go...have a wonderful Friday!

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yay for etsy! i love the little numbered pieces bech cool!