Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bech!!!

Today is my sweet husband's 27th birthday. I don't talk about Bech a lot on here (other than funny comments he makes)...that's pretty intentional. I mean, no one wants to read about how much I love him. Seriously, that would be boring and more than slightly obnoxious.

But today is his birthday, so I am going to talk about how wonderful he is. It's just for a day, so you can skip this post. Actually you can skip every post of mine...I'll never know. But consider yourself warned for this one!

Bech, Katy, and I at the Copper Pot in Malawi.

Bech, Katy, and I at our "sushi" engagement party.

I don't have a ton of great pictures of Bech and me. This is the first example of why not. Um, thanks, Bech, for ruining a great picture. This is from Malawi.

Bech and his seedsters.

Bech and Blaise on Beale Street, summer 2009.

Yet again, another ruined picture. At the Eagle and Child, summer 2009.

Bech with our friends (Gamma and David) at Foodworths in Malawi.

I love this picture of Bech!

Bech and I in Stellenbosch.

Bech, "a man of his hands," with Maxjoy.

On our wedding day! (duh)

On our honeymoon.

Bech and my mom are food buddies!

One of my all time favorite pictures of us!

The grove, fall 2006. Check out his crazy long hair!

The trip that cemented Ansley and Bech's friendship, Spring 2004.

What is Blaise doing?

Okay, this was a purposely weird picture. So Bech, you're off the hook for ruining this one!

On our first birthday together, when Bech turned 21, I wrote these lyrics around a picture of us. This song is still one of our favorites:

Soft and sweet, strong and salty
Cool cream and hot coffee
When we come together there's a change
I know you're good for me
You change me like the weather
You change me for the better
We're good together

Drift and dream, drive with direction
Exploration, introspection
No one way to win through this game
I know you're good for me
You spin me off my tether
You change me for the better
We're good together

Would you please explain it one more time
I love the wild surprise of seeing through your eyes

One from Mars, one from Venus
A whole world between us
Sparks that bridge the difference
Feed the flame
I know you're good for me
You spin me off my tether
You change me for the better
We're good together

Happy Birthday, Bech. You change me for the better. I love you!

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