Wednesday, April 13, 2011

31 weeks (late is better than never, right?)

How far along: 31 weeks and 3 days

Baby Size: 7 inches, 3.5 pounds--doesn't that sound HUGE?

Maternity clothes: yup

Sleep: We took the big blanket off of our bed (because its finally kinda starting to feel like spring!) and I have slept great the past two nights!

Best moment this week: getting to go outside without wearing a ski jacket!!! Okay, so that has nothing to do with Jack, but you know what, this is my blog. So I can say that.

Food cravings: Good news, my wing craving is gone. Thank goodness, cause wings are kinda nasty (sorry if you like them!). Now I really want humus (which I made some Monday, so that's good!) and shaved ice.

What I miss: Diet Dr. Pepper. I am trying not to drink a lot of diet drinks cause of the fake sweetener. But I may have to get one this week.

What I'm looking forward to: We start our childbirth classes next week!

Milestones: Getting less than 2 months away (well as long as Jack comes out at or before his due date)

Pregnancy symptoms: Heartburn, getting out of breath more easily, also, I bump into things a lot more than normal--and I'm pretty clumsy to begin with so that's really saying something.

And a couple of random pictures:

Blaise picked this up for, as he called him, "Little Blaise," in Italy--don't those words just scare you? "Little Blaise"--Lord, help us all!

Dad went to Rebel Rags a few weekends ago up in Oxford. They were having a HUGE sale so Dad racked up. Let me just say that one of the things he bought was a size 5! But he did buy some smaller things that Jack can wear in the next year. We don't want him to forget who to cheer for!

I think this outfit is my favorite!

Finally, here is the stroller and the carseat. This is actually a horrible picture of the stroller. But Bech still has some of his art stuff spread out in Jack's room, so I couldn't get a great picture. But you can check out better pictures here. I love love love this stroller (thanks for recommending it, Holly!). The seat actually turns so that Jack can face me while I push him. Also, there is an infant seat adaptor, so I can use his car seat while he's really little. The only thing that I am not as crazy about is how high up the handle/push bar (whatever it's called!) is, but I actually know I will love that when I use it (just because I won't have to bend over at all).

These are both gifts from my grandparents. They love a good sale, so I am proud to say that I watched the price on that stroller till it went to half off, then snatched it up! Yay for bargain hunting!


Kate said...

yes! use them every day. :]

how are you feeling???

I know the day is coming soon!

Alison said...

You look great, Marley! I love the little Ole Miss outfits :-)