Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am not a big movie theatre fan. I go see all of the Harry Potter movies, and of course the Narnia movies. ANd sometimes I'll see a movie with my family. But usually I like to just wait til it comes out on DVD, and get it for free on netflix! Here are a few movies we've seen lately:

"Life as We Know It" was really cute. Bech and I both love Katherine Heigl, and she is darling in this movie. Plus, on the whole, it's not vulgar and the language isn't awful.

This movie is a great example of why I should read plot summaries. I hated this movie. It was not good. I just wanted to see it because I love Anne Hathaway. What I do not love is seeing Anne Hathaway topless. And that is pretty much all this movie is about. Seriously, the plot was not good, there was no character development, and there was so much uncalled for nudity and language. I don't usually get R rated movies, and I didn't fully realize this one was R. Don't watch this movie. Seriously.

Again, a super cute movie. Bech and I just finished this Monday night. I love Jason Bateman, and he is hilarious in this movie. It was really sweet, and you fall in love with the little boy from the movie.

Another movie I would not suggest, but for totally different reasons. "Pregnant in America" is REALLY biased. I was completely disappointed with it. And what's a shame is that the director makes some good points within this documentary. There are big issues within the realm of American deliveries that need to be examined and looked at critically (e.g. c-section rates, induction rates). But the guy completely turned me off from listening to anything he said. So maybe I would suggest it, but just be prepared. It will make you frustrated, especially the end.

In every way that "Pregnant in America" fails, "The Business of Being Born" succeeds. This is actually my second time to watch this movie, and I enjoyed it even more the second time around (probably because of all of my reading and research lately). This documentary looks at a lot of the same problems as the first movie, but in a much more well rounded way. Plus, they don't just bash doctors. It's on netflix watch instantly and is really interesting. Although, be warned, there are actual births (so don't watch if that will gross you out/weird you out).


The Passwaters said...

I loved "The Business of Being Born" but it did totally freak me out about giving birth- and I'm a long way away from that!

I like your book/movie recommendation posts, I'm going to add a couple of these to our queue right now! :)

Courtney said...

I've seen "The Switch" and "Love and Other Drugs." I liked "The Switch" more than I thought I would. It's cute and the kid is adorable. I kind of liked "Love and Other Drugs" but you're right about there being too much nudity. I didn't need to see that many nekkid people. They could have covered up better and gotten the point across (or had less sex and gotten the point across), but I loved the actual storyline. The end made me tear up a little. "Life as We Know It" is on my Netflix list, but I haven't gotten it yet. But it looks like something I'd like. And I'm soooo not watching the pregnancy movies. Your pregnancy books freaked me out enough that I don't need to watch any movies on it.