Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mid week update...

First of all, I am very happy to report that I have only one week of school left! Yay! We finish classes next Wednesday (which also happens to be the birthday of the cutest almost 18 year old I know). Then exams until the next Friday. And then I do NOT have to carry a backpack again while I am pregnant...whew! I still have a good amount to do, but I have tried to be on top of everything. So I don't think the next 2 1/2 weeks will be too bad.

Plus, I have a shower this Saturday! I am very excited, although nervous. I am not good at opening presents in front of people, with the exception of my family. But since the presents are for Jack, maybe that will make it easier.

It was almost 80 degrees yesterday, and it felt amazing! Bech and I opened the windows in our house, and I could almost imagine I was in the South. Today is going to be warm, but rainy. And from here on out, the temperature isn't supposed to get lower than mid 50's. Thank goodness...I was going stir crazy with all of this cold weather. But I think I can finally say that I have officially survived my first Vermont winter!

And now, a few random pictures:

We had a game night the other night, and a friend brought over this amazing Settlers board. Seriously, is this not ridiculous? At the very bottom, there are slots for all of the resource and development cards. And it holds the expansion game.

Bech's birthday cake: a chocolate coffee cake. I got the recipe off of

It's massive! Next time, I will make 2/3 of the recipe, so it can just have 2 layers!

The birthday boy! He looks kinda gooby in this picture--not sure why?

Speaking of Bech, he just recently heard about Rebecca Black's "Friday" video. First of all, I don't know how he is just now hearing about it. Second of all, he loves it. He has watched it at least 10 times. I mean, obviously he thinks its a stupid song, but he can't stop watching it. Something needs to be done.

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katybraden said...

i want that cake.

and of course bech looks gooby, he always tries to in pictures. lets hope jack does not inherit that um, charming , um quality.