Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have been a bad blogger yet again. But yet again, I feel like graduate school is a great excuse. But I am now completely done with classes, and halfway through exams! This past week, I turned in a final paper (12 pages!), a take home Greek exam, and took two exams, a sight Greek exam and a regular Greek exam. All I have left is a take home Greek composition exam (which is exactly what it sounds like--writing in Greek! AHHH!), a performance of Medea (which is not a big deal, he just wants participation), and a sight Latin exam. Then I will be done!

And then I will be able to kick it in gear to get everything ready for Jack! He could be here in 2 or 3 weeks (although I'm hoping for 4 weeks!). We had a shower last Saturday, and we got so many wonderful things! We also have another shower coming up in two weeks, so that will be fun too. I have been checking lists online to see what exactly we still need to have before he gets here, and its not much. And I found the swing I want listed on craigslist for half the price, so I am going by to pick that up today...yay!

We had our 34 week appointment yesterday (although I'm almost 35 weeks), and everything was fine. I did have to see a guy doctor this time, and he was super awkward. We see the residents, and some of them are still working on their patient skills. He was a great example! But my stomach is measuring right on schedule (contrary to my mothers facebook post!) and Jack seems to be head down as of now. I have another appointment in 2 weeks, and then I start going every week. And my family gets here 1 month and 4 days from now!!!

Alright, so this has been the most boring post ever. I apologize. Off to do more homework...

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Anonymous said...

I know you are so ready for him to get here, but savor the last few weeks. You'll be amazed at how emotional you will be when the time finally comes. I cried the night before Cooper got here because it was mine and Michael's last night as a family of two forever. Glad Jack's already in position. When you feel him drop you'll know it won't be too much longer. Just know that if you have a mover and a shaker like mine, he can still flip around contrary to what a doctor or nurse will tell you.
- Jamie