Monday, August 13, 2012

Jack's Room

I feel like this past week we have made major headway in getting our apartment together.  We got dining room chairs, we hung up pictures in the living room, Bech made a new pottery rack.  Jack's room has actually been most of the way done for the longest amount of time, so I thought I would start with it!

It's a pretty small room so it's hard to fully capture where the furniture is, but here's his dresser (that got banged up in the move--we need to touch it up!).  You can see one of his favorite toys, his pirate ship.  His changing table is to the left.

Jack's crib.

I decided to hang his banner from his first birthday party up in his room.  My sister made the wreath for Jack for the hospital door.

Jack's shelves.  He wore the blue daygown home from the hospital and the white daygown at his "sip n' see."

Our newest buy for Jack's room.  Some friends were selling this pottery barn book rack for a steal.  I had to get it!  I have been looking for some kind of book shelf/rack, and this one is perfect!  It doesn't hold all of his books, but I love that he can see the ones in it.  And then we can just switch the books out every couple of weeks.

Also, how cute is that train?  Bech's brother and sister-in-law gave it to Jack this past Christmas.  Bech and I are both suckers for wooden toys (like the stackable Very Hungry Catepillar from Bella!).

So there's my sweet boy's room.  I didn't take a picture of one side of the room, but there's a big space with lots of Jack's toys.  I love that this room is ALL his (unlike his room in Vermont).  He can and does play in there by himself.  Everything is Jack safe and he loves it!

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Ashley said...

His room is so sweet! I love that book shelf too.

Maybe I missed this, but I didn't know you were teaching this year!! What subject are you doing?