Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Isaac is headed toward land, and we are getting nervous!  

If you check out this map from weather.com, you can see the path of the storm.  Baton Rouge is a little north of New Orleans and right in the path!

And according to this map (which was adjusted over the night...scary!), we are in the action section.  Um, what does that mean???

I went to the store and we have milk, ice, peanut butter and other non perishables, matches and some candles.  Plus we have some charcoal and our grill.  

For right now, we are staying in BR.  We don't know if and when the power will go out and how long it will be out.  Once the storm hits and the power is out, then we'll decide if we are going to head north to Mississippi.

Or, as the Weather Channel has so sweetly renamed it..."That landmass between Mobile and New Orleans."


Courtney said...

Make sure you have gas in the truck! Don't forget how hard it can be to get gas after a hurricane.

katybraden said...

Be safe, love yall! I am in Brookhaven tonight so if you want to drive up now you can stay with me and hang out!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Be careful and stay safe! I sure hope Isaac turns out to be much milder than anticipated!

Danielle said...

Denham Springs has gas! We decided not to evacuate and are riding it out. We bought a generator, just in case. If yall need anything, email me and i will give you our number. Dob't hesitate at all. We know how it is being new :(