Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Jack pictures

Sweet Baby Jack started daycare back again today.  I was nervous about it, but not near as nervous as last year (when he started daycare for the first time).

He had a great first day and took great naps (one of my worries).  He even has a girlfriend!  His mom, one of my new co-workers, and I both approve.

Bech took these pictures a week ago.  This is Jack playing in his new room.  He loves having all of his toys out where he can easily get to them. 

Ooops...caught!  I was unpacking and he found parts to his bottle.  Forget the nice toys right behind him, let's play with bottle parts!

Love those curls on the back of his head!

His closet doors have mirrors on them...

which he obviously loves!

Narcissistic, anyone?

Sweet bud!

And finally, a shot of Jack before daycare.  He was the cutest boy there!  I can safely say that because the two boys who will be in there with him weren't there today.

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Amanda said...

He is just precious! I clicked on your blog from Rachel over at Simple Little Joys :) how crazy that you loved in Brookhaven.. So much of my family lives there, Crystal Springs, etc!:) small world!