Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Midweek Confession Time!  Head over to "E, Myself, and I" to read more/link up!

* I have been deliriously happy about my new (to us) washer and dryer.  Ohmylanta, I love being able to laundry in my own house!  I have done 6 loads since Sunday.

* Tuesday, at new teacher orientation, the teachers at my lunch table were talking about how they don't let their kids watch ABC Family and Disney because of the content of a lot of the shows.  Um, probably not the best time to throw out there that I loved watching the Bachelorette this summer, right? 

Oh, but I did.

And nobody said anything in response.  Awkward.

* Piggybacking off of that, is anyone else in Bachelorette withdrawal?  I am!

* I am dealing with this withdrawal by using the Olympics to fill the void.  But I get so sad when anyone, American or not, messes up!  Doesn't your heart just break for them?  They have all worked so hard and I want all of the competitors to do well!  Does that make me un-patriotic?

* I feel like a little girl getting ready for school as I'm getting dressed for teacher orientation!  I am so nervous--I want to dress cute, but not too cute, and look professional at the same time.  Any other teachers out there analyze their outfits this much?

* Last night I attempted to play "smize" in Words with Friends.  Um, sorry, Tyra--that is not a real word!

Mmmkay, well that is all I have for today!  

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Liz T. said...

I am in absolute bachelorette withdrawal! And bachelor pad is...well...just not the same! ha ha