Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few more pictures...

For Hunter's (Bech's younger brother) 21st birthday, we spent the two days after Christmas in New Orleans. Bech's mom grew up in New Orleans, and both his parents love to visit. In fact, they just bought a one bedroom condo down there (which we are excited to use).

I hadn't been to NOLA since freshman year of college, which is really quite crazy, because Brookhaven is two hours away. We ate too much (again, sorry OBGYN!) and had lots of fun. But of course I have very few pictures.

First of all, here is Bech's parents future grave. Is that morbid to say? Perhaps, but I don't mean it morbid at all, and neither do they! Bech's mom's parents (who I never got to meet) are buried there. Graves in New Orleans are above ground, because New Orleans is below sea level.

Raymond Augustus is Miss Karey's Dad, and Elvie is her mom. Her full name was Elveretta May--I think Elvie May is a pretty cute name! I met Bech in August of 2004, so I just missed Elvie by two years!

And what would a trip to NOLA be without Cafe du Monde? We stopped there for some beignets...yum!

Bech and I both enjoyed them! And I'm pretty sure that Jack did too!

On Christmas Day, after brunch, Ansley told me there was one more present for me--my wedding cake! Mom has been begging me to take my cake out of her freezer for two years. But I always forgot about it.

Here is the top of our cake, 3 years and 3 months later.

Bech humored me by trying some. The flavor was good, but it was definitely freezer burned!

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