Friday, January 21, 2011

my sister...

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for her "Show Us Your Life" tour. The theme today is "Show Us Your Singles." Katy, my sister, might completely kill me for doing this, but oh goes!

Katy is my older (by a year and a half) sister. She just turned 27 this week. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi, and is a lawyer. She graduated from Auburn in 2006, and then went to Ole Miss for law school.

(That's her on the right, New Years Eve this year.)

Things she loves:

1) The church--She goes to Highlands Pres in Ridgeland, MS, and volunteers with the youth group as well as teaches a Sunday school class. She loves this church (we actually used to go there as a family when we lived in Jackson) and the preacher, Joseph Wheat. She also loves Tim Keller and Marc Driscoll.

2) Football--Of course, by this I mean SEC, which is the best conference in the world. She loves Auburn football! In fact, the last few of these pictures are from the BCS National Championship game in Arizona. My dad and she went to it! She adores Auburn, but don't let that scare away any Georgia or Alabama fans. She is respectful of other teams, especially Ole Miss.

(her roommate and her)

3) Traveling--She loves to travel. She backpacked Europe by herself, which always amazes me (I still have trouble asking salespeople for dressing rooms in stores, and she was on her own in other countries!!!). She visited a friend in Europe last summer and they covered some of the Eastern European countries she had yet to see (and got a lengthened trip due to the volcano!). She also came to Malawi to visit me and has been to Belize on a mission trip.

4) Washington, D.C.--This is her all time favorite city. She has spent 3 summers there (1 interning for a representative, one at the National Council for Adoption, and one at the Heritage Foundation). We are actually going there again this spring on a girls trip.

(@ a party this Christmas break)

A couple of random facts:

* She loves C.S. Lewis (not as much as I do, but pretty darn close--and that's saying something!)

* She ran a half marathon this summer.

(@ BCS NC game with my dad)

* She loves kids and would love to find a way to use her legal skills to help with domestic/international adoptions.

* She loves holidays, especially Christmas.

(in Arizona, the morning of the game!)

* She is extremely loyal. She has amazing friendships, and a lot of that is because of how much she loves her friends and how great she is at keeping friendships going!

* She secretly loves the Disney Channel.

(@ the game, with my dad and a family friend--War Eagle!)

* She has been to 8 of the 12 SEC stadiums, but wants to see games in all of them!

* She loves going out. I don't mean she's wild, but she loves to go out to parties and events with friends. She loves to get events together! At the same time, though, she still loves movie and game nights with the family.

(My mom and a side note, how cute is my mom?)

Okay, I think that about sums her up. Let me know if you are interested or know of the perfect guy for her!

Also, if you are Katy, forgive me! But 3 couples got together last time from this, so it's worth a shot, right?

(all my siblings, my older sister is on the right)


Mrs. Magnolia said...

Marley, I thought what a small world when I saw your comment on my blog. I actually read your blog occasionally. I think we both know Alison Ross. Crazy.

I sent Justin over to your blog so we'll see what happens :)

Dr. Francey Pants said...

Hi There. My name is Chris. I enjoyed reading your blog about your sister Katy. Here is my blog if she is interested.