Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jack's "layette"

Okay, first of all, let me just say that I will never again refer to Jack's baby clothes as his layette. I promise. It's really cheesy. But I am reading this book I'm reading, Baby Bargains (which is really has lots of great advice about what you do and don't need for a baby, and where to find great deals), refers to layettes a lot.

Anyway, Baby Jack (who has several nicknames already, my favorite being Jack Attack) has lots of cute outfits already! I thought I would show them off, cause they are just too cute!

This first one is a newborn outfit that my parents sent me after we told them. It's yellow, so that its gender neutral. I think it's really cute. We had thought about getting it monogrammed, but I think I want to leave it plain (or just get an E). That way all of our babies can wear it home from the hospital!

Okay, how cute is this little bubble? Remember Nguyen had a big sale right after Christmas, so several of these outfits are from there. This will fit Jack next summer, and I think he'll look so cute in it!

A sweet day gown, for when he is an infant.

Another sweet outfit. Although this one might be a 9 month for next spring...I can't remember.

I just LOVE smocked outfits! This is for next spring/summer.

This one makes me think of my Nana--she loves roosters! Jack can wear this next spring/summer.

A corduroy smocked outfit for next winter. This will look sweet with a white turtleneck under it.

This is for next spring and summer--I think it needs his monogram on the collar.

And to support the national champions (WAR EAGLE!), here is an Auburn outfit. Okay, so it's not technically an Auburn outfit, but its Auburn colors. This is for this coming fall, on football Saturdays.

Another newborn day gown.

A jacket for next winter--it's so soft!

Katy got Jack this hat for Christmas. It's from Anthropologie--Jack is going to be stylish!

This was Blaise's favorite book when he was little (and everyone in my family loves it, as well). He gave us it as a present for Christmas.

I already have a diaper bag! Expectations, a maternity and baby store in Brookhaven, was having a 50% sale after Christmas. I got a great deal on this bag. Bech wasn't with me, but his one request was for it to not be too girly. Of course, when I came home with this he said, "That's your definition of not too girly?" But really, it was the least girly option, I promise! And I just LOVE houndstooth! (But not because of Alabama!)

Well there you go...just a few of the cute things Jack has. We've also bought a changing table, but I am still stumped for fabric. I have seen some cute stuff, but nothing that I just love. Everything that I think is cute has hippos or giraffes or elephants in it, and I'm not sure that's the direction I want to go in. Oh well, I will just keep looking!

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Holly said...

three cheers for the smocked clothes!! sooo cute. he's going to be the best dressed little guy in vermont!