Saturday, January 22, 2011

nursery update...

Last weekend, Bech and I spent a day or two switching everything around upstairs. We moved our ikea desk into our bedroom and the Danish desk (Bech's grandmother brought it over from Denmark) into Jack's room. We now are utilizing a lot more space in our room, and Jack's room isn't as cramped.

Here is a view of our room from the doorway. And I need to move the frames and such around for the new set up.

Our new desk area, and my getting ready area (sorry for the view of our dirty clothes!).

And Jack's room:

First of all, it's a mess right now! There are still random piles on the ground that we are trying to figure out what to do with. But this is to the left. Both of those pieces of furniture will have to stay in the room. I may move them around. Also, I've thought of putting a curtain divider up, so those won't be in Jack's room, at least sight wise.

This is straight on. See what I mean about piles! But I am going to be selling my guitar, and the wine cooler (which has a towel over it) may be going in our room. Right now it is holding a batch of home brewed beer.

The changing table, our first piece of baby furniture! We got it on sale at a local baby store for $50, brand new! The second row is holding Jack's diapers and the third has all of his goodies thus far. Plus, there's my cute houndstooth diaper bag!

We are going to be ordering a Jenny Lind crib to match the changing table. Bech actually picked out the furniture. I love Jenny Lind because it's so sweet and classic. But I thought Bech would want something more modern. But after looking at tons of different styles, he told me he loved this!

We will also be buying some sort of rocker or glider. I haven't seen anything yet that I really like. We also need some more sort of storage. I found a really cute childs dresser on sale on craigslist--let's hope I get an email back about it!

I used to want to do a sort of retro bright nursery, but now I think I just want to do something sweet and calm, with light blues and greens. And I really want to try to sew as much of the bedding as I can (I may need a little help with the bumpers!).

Here are some fabrics I have found so far:

The last one comes in light blue as well. It's probably the only one I really love. I just haven't found the perfect fabric yet! Any ideas?


Kate said...

I love love love the first one.

Lindsey @ Magnolias and Gobbers said...

Love the classic look of the furniture. It's beautiful.

The last fabric gets my vote, but I'm a sucker for yellow.


marygrace said...

I LOVE the first fabric! And I love the piece of furniture in the third picture ... is that a desk? It's gorgeous! I want it! LOL:)