Sunday, January 16, 2011


A few random thoughts:

1) I got a Wii for Christmas, and we've got Netflix set up with it. This way I can wirelessly stream my new favorite show, Psych. I absolutely love this show!

2) I also like snow a lot. There is tons of snow here, and it really is beautiful!

3) School starts Tuesday...I am kind of excited and kind of still enjoying my break. I am taking Greek philosophers (we are reading Plato and a few others), Latin epic (we are reading lesser known epics), Greek composition (writing in Greek, so that you learn the grammar more carefully), and Greek history (yay, a class in English!).

4) My favorite thing to eat right now is Flavor Pops. I love those things! But my box (which I won at a Dirty Santa party) is getting low. I will have to find a store that stocks those things!

5) I got to eat at Little Tokyo 4 times while I was home! Which was wonderful. But which means I am not in serious sushi withdrawal.

6) While home over Christmas, I read the Hunger Games series--INCREDIBLE! I absolutely loved these books!

You should read this series, whoever you are. It is so good. I want to read them again, already. But the last few nights, I have dreamed that I am in the Hunger Games--scary.

7) Bech and I watched District 9 the other day. It was really good, really intense, and really thought provoking. It is supposed to be about the Apartheid.

8) I am done--that is all the randomness I have for today.

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