Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Randoms...

1.  It is COLD here.  Very, very cold.  Like the low tonight is 0 degrees.

2.  We had a good amount of snow last week.  Then it got warm yesterday, and a lot of snow melted.  Then it got cold again.  Can you do the math?  That means ICE.  Ugh.  I fell twice today (luckily, I was not holding Jack!), and now I have lovely bruises on my hands and knees.

Bech took these pictures of the snow.  It may feel miserable outside, but it really is pretty.

3.  School has started back up again!  Yay for my last semester of masters work!

4.  I already have homework :(

5.  We took more bath pics.  I know, I know.  But he's just so darn cute naked!  Bech took these, so they are more "arty."

Love him.

I would like to interrupt to say that there were so many more that I didn't upload.  Does that make this any better?

Alright, bath pictures are done now.

6.  I am one chapter away from finishing my French book.  My goal was to finish it before school started and I got pretty darn close!   I am reading Le Petite Prince right now and am enjoying it.  I will take my test on French in two weeks.

7.  Friday night we are celebrating Chinese New Year at AFH...I am super excited!  We are doing a joint event with the Chinese group, so it's going to be legit.

8.  Bech is at the pottery studio working late tonight, Jack is asleep, I have done all the homework that is due tomorrow (and some for Friday)--so I am going to curl up in bed and watch some Murder, She Wrote.



Lindsey @ Magnolias and Gobbers said...

so jealous of all that snow! It's might cold down here, in the upper 20's :) BRRR.

Love the bath time pictures of Jack. He looks like a water baby.

Claire said...

Okay I literally think that might be my parents condo in the background of your picture!! Haha and if you're not getting all my comments on all your posts in order, this will be so confusing! I am seeming so scatterbrained but I'm so excited about how much we have in common!!!