Monday, January 2, 2012

Year in Review

Year in Review
***Warning--picture overload!!!***

I actually did one of these for 2009, but not for last year.  But after seeing other blogs do year reviews, I thought I would do the same again!


We headed back to the cold north after a long vacation back home.  We started getting ready for Baby Jack and bought cloth diapers!  It snowed TONS!


More snow.  Plus, Bech's mom sent us King Cake straight from New Orleans!


Yes, that's right...more snow.  Ugh.  But I got to take a fun trip to D.C. with my sisters and mom.


I tried to be better about putting up weekly pictures of my pregnant belly!  I knew I didn't like them then but would love to see them later.  The snow finally melted.  We celebrated Bech's birthday with a yummy cake!  And we cooked good food.

31 weeks

32 weeks


Warm weather...well for Vermont!  And Jack's due date is getting closer.  We finished Jack's nursery.  I was given three showers!  We got everything ready for Baby Jack.  I finished my first year as a grad student!

My stomache looks like it's going to explode!

Love his sweet room!


My parents and siblings came for Jack's birth, but he decided to hang out a little longer inside me.  We finally went into the hospital to be induced on the 20th, and Jack was born on the 21st.  We got to bring our sweet baby home and love on him!

About to pop!

Last picture of just the two of us.  Also, worst picture ever of me.  Really, stripes for a maternity shirt???  Bad idea to make it, worse idea to buy it...

Just born!

Cuddles in the hospital.

Cuddles with Bella when we got home.

Sleeping in his Moses basket.

Milk drunk


I turned 26, and Bech made me an amazing meal.  We enjoyed the pleasant summer weather in Vermont and took Jack for walks at night!  We kept Jack alive for one month.  Maybe that doesn't seem to impressive, but it felt like a big feat to us!

My birthday dinner...yum!

A sleepy smile during a walk

Hanging out on the back patio during the summer.


We took Jack home to Mississippi to meet his aunts, uncles, great grandparents, and his Doc.  He was also baptised while we were home.  Hurricane Irene hit Vermont, and I got to put off daycare for one more day.  Jack turned 2 months old!

Playing with his new toy!


Bech and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!  Jack turned 3 months old and started laughing.  We tried to enjoy the beautiful fall as much as possible and took Jack apple picking.

Looking out over Lake Champlain

Bech thought he was so funny making Jack hold the apple.

Rocking the Moby Wrap

Okay, it really wasn't that cold when I took this picture, but I wanted to make sure he was warm enough!


More fall activities!  Jack and I flew home for a long weekend to see BHS' homecoming and an Ole Miss game (while Bech went to look at potential grad schools).  We took Jack to a pumpkin patch in Vermont (but he slept through it!) and one in Mississippi.  We went on a boat tour of the Lake.  Jack turned 4 months old.

In the Grove...hotty toddy!

Vermont pumpkin patch

On Lake Champlain

"The Best Hummus Ever"--okay, maybe an exaggeration, but it is pretty good!

Random teapot Bech made during this time


Another month of firsts!  This was Jack's first Thanksgiving, first snow, first visit from his Aunt KK!  Jack turned 5 months old and started sitting up.  We drove to Stowe twice. 

Before a trip to Stowe

So cute!

Not so sure about the snow...

Hot cocoa and a fire at Trapp Family Lodge

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sitting up like such a big boy!


Jack started eating solids.  We travelled back home for Christmas in the South.  I finished one more semester of grad school.  Jack turned 6 months old!

Not so sure about it at first...

In front of our tree

Love the idea of this photo shoot, but it was not a success!

So that was our year...busy, but wonderful!


Callie said...

I love yearly recap posts! What a great year you had! :-)

Callie said...

Marley, I just realized I have never followed your blog - but I've been reading for a while! So yes, I'm an official follower now. :-)

P.S. I was also looking at this post again, and I like that picture of you when you were pregnant, in the black dress - you look so chic.