Saturday, January 7, 2012

My stinker bug...

Jack has a multitude of nicknames, stinker bug just being one of the many.  He gets called:  Jack Attack, Jack Jack, Baby Jack (my favorite!), Jackie Wackie (Bech's favorite), Bud, Buddy, Little Man, and Stinker Bug.  He rarely gets called just Jack!

Here are a few pictures I took today of Jack playing...

He gets so serious about his toys!

Feeling his little teeth!

If you click on the picture, you can actually see his teeth.

Love his little hugs!

Check out all the snow in the background.  It's not a lot for Vermont this time of year, but it's a lot compared to the South.

I think at this point he got a little annoyed at the camera...


I am so thankful everyday for my sweet boy!

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Mrs. Magnolia said...

He is precious. I love all his little nicknames but especially Jack Jack.