Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Midweek Confessions

 I skipped Midweek Confessions last week because of the job interview, but I'm back this week!  Here's the link to the host site.

* You know those moms/families who bring a fussy baby to eat at a restaurant?  Um, well I have become that mom.  Between going to Baton Rouge and my family coming here, we have eaten out a lot.  And my normally sweet baby has had his fussy moments.  No crying, which is good, but lots of throwing puffs on the ground.  Oh well, we left good tips...that makes it all better, right?

* I am presenting a paper Friday morning at a conference, and I am TERRIFIED.  You would think after doing debate and speech all through high school, teaching, and various other events where I have had to speak, I would be over it.  I mean, seriously, I am just reading the paper.  That's it.  But still, terrified!  Any one else hate speaking in public?

* I have a major crush on Ben from Parks and Recreation.  I love him, and I love Leslie and him together!

* I buy canned baby food.  Some of you may be thinking that this is a silly thing to confess or feel bad about.  But I really wanted to make Jack's baby food.  Buying cans or packets feels like such a waste.  And, yeah, we recycle the cans, but not buying at all would be better than recycling.

But I tried making it for a couple of weeks, and I never could get the consistency right on the veggies.  So we just started buying it all canned.  I do cloth diapers, so at least I am being earth friendly on that front!  I guess when you are a student and you work while being a mom, you can't do everything the way you want!  But I wish I could.

Can't wait to read everyone else's confessions!


Johanna @These Prices said...

I love Ben & Leslie. They are the best.

Ashley said...

ohhh!! The consistency! Add back a tablespoon of the steaming water at a time until it's right!!
It took me forever to figure that out!!
But pouches and jars are definitely easy (they are even easier to do when eating out because you don't have to worry about how you're going to thaw out the ice cube of sweet potatoes or whatever you've made).