Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Settling back down...

We are back from Boston and actually have a sort of calm.  We have been so busy this past few weeks, and we are going to be so busy again at the end of this semester.  I am just going to try to relax (well, not TOO much...I still have school work!) and enjoy this time.

We had a wonderful time in Boston this past weekend.  My paper/talk went well enough.  We walked the Freedom Trail (although not all the way to Bunker Hill).  And we ate and shopped!

Jack was wonderful...I am always impressed by how sweet and easy he is in new situations.  He had one night where he cried a LOT, but he was having stomach issues.  Poor guy!

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Bech, Jack, and I took a coffee break at Cafe Vittoria, in the North End.

This was one of Jack's many stroller naps of the weekend.

The weather was beautiful!  In fact, it's still beautiful...tomorrow will be in the 80's!

After giving him lots of tastes of our Pinkberry, we decided it was time to let Jack have his first cone.  Of course, Bech helped him with the ice cream and ate the actual cone.

I think he liked it!

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Katy Robertson said...

he just better not forget which favorite aunt gave him his first ice cream :)