Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Confessions

It's time for Midweek Confessions!  I am linking up with "E, Myself, and I."

* Friday at Latin Day, Jack was practicing walking (while holding my hands) and hit the gym floor hard.  He had a pretty nasty bruise for a few days.  I felt so bad, but I was also so embarrassed that I let him fall in front of all of my professors!  What kind of mother am I?

* I then proceeded to call the pediatricians and leave a message for the nurse.  Great--I have become that mother who calls over the smallest things.  I always claimed I would not do that!

* Last week, E, the link up host, left a comment that she loves Bech and my names--made my day!

* Sometimes I go to my humor board on Pinterest and laugh at all my pins.

* I just noticed that there is spit up on my shoe.  Gross.  But I have yet to make any effort to clean it off.  Oh well...

Ya'll should join's very cathartic!


Ashley said...

I just discovered dried spit up on the back of an ottoman in the den. SO I pushed the ottoman against the couch so I wouldn't have to look at it anymore and could keep watching tv. Ha!

Jena Kay said...

I walk right by spit up on the floor/carpet today without a second thought. I am so tired of spit up.