Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reflections on my first week of teaching...

I am done with my first week of teaching (we started last Wednesday).

Whew!  It is a lot of work!  I know I have taught before, but I had curriculum and less students!  This time, I am making up my Bible curriculum and adding to my Latin curriculum.  So lots of lesson planning and lesson creating!

There are also lots of little things you have to learn with teaching:  dining hall rules, recess duty, back to school night procedures, etc.  I am slowly getting the hang of all of these aspects of my new job.

I also have had to do a lot of work outside of school.  I have worked on lessons every night so far.  I think I am finally up to speed enough that I won't have to work every night.  I also have some planning periods, so that will definitely help.

That all seems so negative--I don't mean to seem like a Debbie Downer!  I am also really enjoying my job.  I teach sweet, smart kids.

I have SO many resources available to me!  I was copying papers the first day of school and asked some other teachers if there was a limit to how much I copied.  I was just imagining ABC--we couldn't copy too much because we had to get toner shipped in from the States!  So it is strange to just be able to make copies whenever I need them.

I love my co-workers.  I work with some really funny and kind teachers.  They have all been so quick to help me--and I need lots of help!  I feel like I am constantly asking questions.

So those are my thoughts so far.  I am sure I will have lots of challenges and (hopefully!) triumphs in the months to come!


B. Redd said...

So glad school is going well. Ask lots of questions!!

Unknown said...

Yay for teaching! It is definitely A LOT of work and time, especially at the beginning of the school year. But it gets better as you get into a routine of everything teachers do on a daily basis. I'm glad you're enjoying it!!!!