Tuesday, May 8, 2012

...and I'm done!

Today I took my LAST exam!  I still have to take some comprehensive tests, but I am completely done with my course work.  I am so glad!  But I am also brain dead.  So this post is just going to be random bullets...

* Now I am going to take a little break.  Oh, and pack up everything!  Bech's little brother arrived today, and his parents arrive tomorrow night.  I am excited to spend time with them and show Hunter around Burlington.

* Jack has been a total fussbudget the past couple of days.  His top two teeth are about to break through, and I think that is the reason for his grumpy attitude.

* He also took his first step!  He technically did it last Monday (April 30th) to Heather at daycare (but we were there to see it...thank goodness!).  Since then, he has done a step or two for us about once a day.  I would love for him to be walking by this summer, so I can take pictures of him walking on the beach--is that totally shallow of me?

* It is finally getting warm here in Vermont...thank goodness!  Today was in the 50's and rainy, but tomorrow is supposed to be warm (70's).  I am planning on taking Jack (and Hunter of course) for a walk down Church Street!

* Bech is sick (hopefully just a stomach bug).  I am praying that Jack and I do NOT get sick, too!

* I am watching Dance Moms Miama right now...LOVE this show.  I can't help it!

That's about it.  Hopefully I'll get some pics of Jack up here soon!

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Danielle said...

My littlegirl has been a fuss bucket here lately as well! Praying the sickness goes away quickly and doesnt spread. Packing is zero fun with a baby! Hope it is quick and easy for you. I cant wait to take walkinf pics at tge beach either (definitely not shallow!)