Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Jack pictures

I'm scheduling this post for Thursday.  Bech's parents are arriving Wednesday night (and Bech's brother got here Tuesday afternoon), so we are busy spending time with them.

Jack keeps getting older and older and gaining new skills.  It makes me a little sad that he's not such a baby anymore, but this stage is so fun!  This little outfit he's wearing makes him look so old to me!

Here's Jack showing off his clapping skills.

Jack loves to read!  I had my head stuck in a book for most of my elementary and teen years, so I am hoping he turns out the same.  He especially loves Eric Carle books.

He loves his new blocks.

I put this on facebook and my mom commented on how much of a little boy (as opposed to a baby) he looks like here!

I love this little stinker!

It is finally consistently warm here, and we have had so much fun being outside.  I can't wait to get him to the pool and the beach this summer.  I think Jack is going to love them both!


Emily said...

He's getting so big! I think shorts/pants and a shirt make babies look like little men. Whenever I put our Jack in an outfit like that I always end up taking it off because he looks like this little man who can't even sit up. Haha.

Jena said...

I love that outfit. He is soo cute!! Of course, babies named Jack are always super cute.

The Yartym's said...

Oh Marley, he is starting to look so toddler-ish!! Not a baby baby anymore! But oh so handsome. :)