Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Midweek Randoms

Well, there's no Midweek Confessions link-up this week.  Sad, right?   I could have done them on my own, but decided to just save my confessions for next week.  Instead, you will have to deal with my random thoughts...

* I revamped my blog today...what do you think?  Callie, at Through Clouded Glass, did a great series on blog design that gave me motivation to redo my blog.  It was looking a little cluttered and amateur.  Now it's much more streamlined and looks (hopefully) semi-professional.  And I got to play around a lot on Picasa; I really enjoyed that.

* Our house is a wreck.  It's worse than when Bech set up a pottery studio in the hallway.  There are TONS of boxes everywhere.  I am feeling overwhelmed by the packing!

* I am reading yet another Louise Penny novel.  She is a great writer!

* Jack has his third ear infection in the past 6 months.  Poor baby!  We are getting him checked out again after we finish this round of antibiotics to see how his ears look.  If they look bad, he'll need to see an ENT.  Bech and I both had tubes as young children (I actually had two sets), so I wouldn't be surprised if he needs tubes, too.

* Jack has an eruption cyst on one of his top teeth, so we got that checked out at the dentist today.  It was his first visit!  He did pretty well.  Plus he got to take a little toothbrush and sticker home.  Honestly, he could probably care less, but I thought it was a fun milestone.

* Season 2 of Sherlock is now on the PBS site (well the first two episodes)...can't wait to watch them!  Bech and I both love the show, so it's something fun we can do together!

* I've got chess squares in the oven cooking right now.  I am bringing cheese straws and chess squares to the InterLibrary Loan ladies.  They set off a curtained area in their office for me to pump in and they always give me yummy treats.  So I thought I would thank them with some southern themed goodies!

That's all I've got for tonight.  Let me know what you think of the new look, please!


Melanie McAninch said...

1) Looks great! I need to do something with mine.

2) Sherlock is soooo fantastic!

3) Chess squares--there really is no other way to effectively express gratitude.

Courtney said...

The new design is cute! I guess I should update mine from the regular blogger background, huh?

Kayla Calcote said...

I love the new look! The color scheme is great!

Jena said...

Love, love the new design!

I revamped my blog a month ago, but seeing yours makes me want to do it again.

Danielle said...

Love the look!
Lexi is on her 3rd ear infection in 6 weeks! Its slightly ridiculous. I wish they would just do something for her :(

Mara said...

The InterLibrary Loan ladies thank you!

I'm sure gonna miss you.

Callie Nicole said...

OH, I LOVE the blog re-design! It looks great! Thanks for the link, I'm glad my series inspired you. :-)

That stink that Jack has an ear infection again. :-(