Monday, May 21, 2012


When we moved to Vermont almost two years ago, we brought pretty much everything we owned.  We didn't know if we would be coming back down South anytime soon, so everything came with us!  

Including my "box of memories."  Bech thinks this box is the weirdest/funniest concept.  But I just have all of my childhood (or even teen or college) special objects in it.  In the packing process, I pulled this out of the storage closet and decided to go through it, see if anything could be thrown out.

I have admitted on here my memory hoarding before (2nd grade perfume, anyone?), but I now realize I am also a "memory" items hoarder.

The proof:  the inside of my memory box.

All those papers?  Oh, you know, just EVERY letter Bech wrote me while I worked at kamp.  See one of my childhood stuffed animals beside it?  Oh, who am I kidding...I got that stuffed dog in 8th grade and slept with it through college.  The teddy bear, though, is Bech's childhood teddy.  He now is residing in Jack's crib.

This is the highlight of the memory box--Baby Jesus.  Because it's totally normal for a 2 1/2 year old to name her baby doll after Jesus, right?  I LOVED this doll.  When I was five, I got another baby doll that I named Baby John.  I figured Jesus would want his cousin there.

One thing people may not know about me is my past as a mathlete.  I did math competitions all the way through high school (Can we say dork?).  My crowning achievement was going to national Mathcounts (they gave us all graphing calculators!).  At nationals, we all had state pens and we traded them with each other and put them on our hats.  Sooo cool.  Ya'll are just dreaming you could be as cool as me right now.  It's okay...I still have the hat and all the pens, so I'll let you borrow it.

This is a wonderful book.  I fell in love with this book in 1st grade (a friend had it) and my parents got it for me for Christmas.  I had no idea that this is really a retelling of George MacDonald's The Wise Woman.  MacDonald was one of Lewis' biggest influences, and this story is incredible.  I actually tried to find it on Amazon the other day, and it's not on there.  Sad, because it's an incredible book, as is most everything by MacDonald.

I was almost five years old when my parents gave me this purple Bible!

My best friend made this for me before she moved.  I was all about some decorated pillow cases back in the day.

It doesn't get much more 80's than this...

Oh wait, it does.  Lady Lovely Locks...Anybody else watch this?  Anybody else keep their favorite pj's from when they were 3?  Nope?

I got the biggest kick out of going through this box.  And the best part?  Next time we move I will get to do it all again!

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