Thursday, April 5, 2012


I try to put pictures on my blog in most post, but I have been slacking lately.  Jack moves around so much and so quickly now that it's hard to get good pictures of him.  Plus, we have been so busy!  But I just pulled some pictures of life lately off of the memory card...

Bech thought it would be fun to stick Jack in his toy box.

Jack didn't agree!  Actually Jack really liked sitting and playing in his toy box.  He has so many fun toys, but he rarely plays with them anymore.  He prefers reaching for Bech's pottery, the stereo, the guitar, etc.

Sweet boy.  With this early waking business, we've been bringing Jack into our room when he wakes up and letting him cuddle with us.  I took this picture one morning when he fell back asleep.  Seriously, sleeping babies are the sweetest thing ever.

Bech's brother and his wife gave Jack the cutest wooden train set for Christmas.  Jack hasn't quite figured out how to push it along the ground, but he sure loves to eat it.

Check out that belly!  Actually I can't really say that much more.  Jack just got weighed, and he's now 20 lbs, 4 oz--about the 60th percentile!  What happened to my little chunk?


Kayla Calcote said...

Jack is such a handsome little guy! Maybe one day he will learn to roll it on the floor, but he sure is cute with it in his mouth for now!

Courtney said...

My mom bought Travis a school bus and a car because he kept wanted to play with a model truck that sits on the mantle at their house. He LOVES them. He pushes it all over the place. Just wait until Jack starts to do that. My mom is always like "where are you going with the bus?" when I talk to them on the phone. It's so funny