Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Jack

I use this blog as a scrapbook of sorts (I was never good at tangible scrapbooks...I don't think I'm crafty enough!).  So I thought I would write down a few fun things Jack is up to these days.  Feel free to skip reading! 

I can't remember if I put this on his month update, but Jack has said his first word!  He says "dada."  He's been saying those syllables together for a while, but now he for sure knows what he's saying.  And if you ask him to say "dada," he'll repeat it back.  I'm hoping "mama" won't be far along!

Jack has also started consistently signing this past week!  Right now he just says "more" and "all done."  Okay, let's be honest...have you seen a picture of Jack?  He mostly says "more!"  But he does know "all done," and will use it on occasion.  It has been so fun to communicate with him!  We are starting now to work on "mom," "dad," "please," "thank you," and "I love you."  

Jack is still crawling around like a maniac and pulling up on everything!  We have already started the babyproofing process.  All of Bech's pottery has been moved up high.  

We have also started to have to discipline Jack when he reaches for something he isn't supposed to touch.  We pinch his hand and say no.  And then he laughs.  So, yeah...that's not working out too well!  I don't want to pinch his hand that hard, but I guess we will have to!

Jack is a daredevil!  He will crawl up and off of everything!  He is just pure boy.  

Even though he's gotten a little more 'tude now that he can move around, he is still so sweet.  And he still has his cuddly moments, which make me so happy!  I love my little boy.

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Ashley said...

He's signing!!! Yay! Those are such fun times when they start intentionally communicating back to you!