Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Goals Revisited

My friend Courtney did an update on her 2012 goals, so I am going to copy her!  I first put my goals in this post.  Now, 3 months later, here's the progress I have (or haven't!) made:

1.  Learn French
I wouldn't necessarily claim to "know" French now, but I passed my reading test!  This is a goal I still want to work on, because I want to be able to read and speak it well, but academically I completed this goal!

2.  Pass my comprehensive tests
 Um, yeah, this one going to be ongoing.  There was a miscommunication, and I can't take these until the beginning of next semester.  Oh well, it means I get all summer to study, right?

3.  Have consistent quiet times
I am awful at this one.  I have had a few quite times, but not a lot and not consistent.  Definitely still a work in progress...

4.  Learn how to use my camera!
Nothing on this front.  I have pinned lots of tutorials on pinterest, though--does that count?  I think this one will have to wait until after May!

5.  Lose 20 to 25 pounds.
Since I wrote this, I have lost 8 or 9 pounds, so I am well on the way to achieving this goal.  I started weightwatchers a couple of weeks ago.  I have done it once before and did well on it, and it seems to be going pretty well this time!

6.  Plan a first birthday party for Jack Attack
 Working ont this one.  I have some plans and some thoughts.  I need to start doing some tangible work on this, though.

7. Move
On June 1st, we will be heading back down South!  Wahooo!  I have researched moving companies, so I need to book it next week..

8.  Clean our apartment/Get rid of tons of stuff!
This is an ongoing goal, but I have made some progress.  I will make even more in the next month and a half as we pack everything up!

9.  Memorize scripture
Again, a big fat fail.  I really want to memorize one of Pauls letters, but I haven't made any start on this goal.

10.  Spend more time with Bech
I have done pretty well with this goal so far.  Bech and I have been better about cooking and eating dinner together.  We have had one date night and have another one coming up.  We also had one at home date night (take out and a bottle of wine).

11.  Keep up on academics while out of school/Present a paper at a conference
I presented my first conference paper!  It was not as scary as I thought--I actually enjoyed it.  I am going to submit some abstracts for conferences next year.

12.  Sit by the pool/beach and RELAX!
Haven't done this one yet.  But 2 1/2 months until we go to the beach with my family...!

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Courtney said...

Copy cat! j/k :)

I want to learn Latin this summer (or start to learn Latin this summer). Any recommendations on material to use?

And you're totally going to have to explain to me what happened with the comprehensive exams!